Applied Multilayers offers next generation optical coating sputtering systems for high quality optical coatings. We offer a wide range of system platforms together with turn-key processes. Our patented technology is simple, scaleable and significantly less expensive. Please navigate our site and discover the unique coating properties and applications which our patented CFM technology offers.You will also discover numerous applications such as durable IR coatings, durable visible AR coatings, high laser damage coatings, ophthalmics, electrochromics and solar adsorbers.

Our patented Closed Field Magnetron (CFM) sputtering process technology is the most advanced coating technology yet devised. It takes optical coating into a new era of precision coatings with near-bulk film densification and allows productivity from pilot to full production scalability. CFM is of “cold” deposition standards. It now allows multilayered optical film coatings onto sensitive polymer substrates or plastics which other deposition technologies would consider prohibitive due the elevated plasma temperatures.

The technology achieves much higher reactive deposition rates by operating near the “metallic-mode”. Unlike other reactive coating systems, the reaction occurs all the way around the vertical rotating drum without the need for expensive and high maintenance ion sources or plasma sources. Our coating systems are quite versatile and works very well for oxides, nitrides, carbides or pure metals.

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